4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Is Struggling

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4 Reasons Why Your Small Business is Struggling

You had an amazing and unique idea. You start your small business, set up shop, but sales are struggling. Where have you gone wrong? In today’s digital age, a unique idea will only get you so far.

Here’s our four reasons why your small business is not getting the spark it needs to thrive:

1) You don’t have a website

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but please do not launch your business without a proper website in place. As you’ll see in the upcoming paragraphs, the majority of your users are very active online, searching for information at the speed of light. Online presence has become a necessity and you won’t survive without jumping on board.

2) You need social media marketing

“But I hate Twitter and Facebook!”

Guess who doesn’t hate them? The majority of your customer base. In 2018, social media is not a fad anymore, especially for small business. It’s how your business survives and becomes successful. Some quick facts for your related to social media:

  • Facebook has over 1.19 BILLION (not a typo) active users each month
  • Over 70% of online adults use social networking sites
  • Twitter adds 300K users per day

Whether you like it or not, your customers are online. They interact with their peers and other brands online in search of information, recommendations and data. If your business is not online to answer the call, chances are your competitors will be.

3) Say it with me. “Search-Engine-Optimization (SEO)”

“Ok, now you’re just throwing fancy words at me!”

If you followed my advice on bullet point #1 above, you have a website. Fantastic, congratulations!

Unfortunately, customers looking for info on search engines may still go to your competitors before they can even get to your website. Why? This is all due to something called search engine ranking. Although social media is becoming increasingly more important, most users still go through search engines to find what they need. SEO helps make your business content more available and boosts rankings within search engines, so that customers find your page before any of your competitors. A good SEO implementation can net you thousands of visitors and increased attention and make the different between a dying business and thriving one.

4) Business process review

Whether your business is selling services or products, you’ll need to figure out your business processes and how much time you’re spending on tasks to run your business. In today’s digital landscape, IT can be your best friends when it comes to most daily tasks. For example:

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tools can automate most of your customer and sales leads transactions
  • Accounting software can automate invoice generation and payment tracking
  • Calendar and mail syncing can ensure your data is synced across all of your devices

Now that you have more information on your hand, it’s important to plan this out and not go implement everything at once. The best way is to make a priority list of what will be more effective for your specific business and tackle these one a time time.


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